Approximately one-third of the world’s population still lacks access to the most basic water services. Over one billion men, women, and children have no access to safe, affordable drinking water and 2.4 billion are without access to adequate sanitation. It is disturbing to face the fact that hundreds of millions of cases of water-related diseases are occurring, resulting in 2–5 million deaths per year, largely young children. Most are entirely preventable.

In the rural villages in Southern Kalimantan, Indonesia, Project Drink & Live is a program to reduce preventable deaths through stormwater harvesting and wastewater treatment. This project is being undertaken by Kaganangan Yayasan, an NGO based in Banjarbaru. The organization consists of both local indigenous people and ex-patriots partnering together to address the needs for clean water collection and storage, as well as wastewater treatment and disposal.

The mortality rates for children in Indonesia are around 7% and in the demographic of the lowest 20% of income earners, this rises to over 10%. This is typically in the rural areas and much of this is due to water-borne diseases.

Please consider partnering with us financially and help save the lives of children, as well as adults, in these communities.

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