SPOTLIGHT on  Indonesia


In 2015, Global HelpNet began sponsoring Phillip and Shelley St. George in Indonesia for five years. This is in accordance with Global HelpNet mission and goals.

Phill has a BA in Business Management and over 40 years developing new businesses, as well as the management, training and supervision of employees. He has been innovative in new business concepts and building teams that work together successfully.

Shelley’s education includes Early Childhood education, Master Trainer Girl Scouts USA and Volunteer Management. She has over 30 years of experience working with children and youth, developing programs in impoverished neighborhoods, refugee housings and Native American home lands (read more …)


To provide aid and relief assistance in the areas of community development and education to those in need both nationally and internationally through collaboration with local communities to empower self-sustainability.


To make a difference in the lives of those in need by extending a helping hand to those who are reaching out for help.

Our Current Global Programs


Overall educational program

* Indonesia – Educational Programs
* Continue to provide teacher-training courses for Indonesian teachers who teach English through the annual TESOL program.
* Develop an intensive TESOL or ESL certification program for Indonesian teachers.
* Scholarship assistance for students and/or teachers for undergraduate and graduate programs

Cinta Baca Library – Bogor (Education)

* Continue to assist in the development of children’s programs
* Continue training of staff to develop and implement children’s programs
* Provide volunteers for specialty programs such as English Day, Cinta Baca English Club, Summer Camp, etc.
* Assist in developing English Resource Center
* Provide books in English – non-fiction, fiction, ESL
* Assist with literacy and tutoring programs
* Provide funding for operational expenses and library books
* Provide scholarship assistance for poor students

Cinta Baca Library – National (Community Development)

* Provide teams of workers to help rebuild schoolrooms in disrepair
* Provide funding to establish Reading Post libraries in villages to develop a love of reading and to promote family reading programs
* Provide funding for books for the Cinta Baca Libraries around Indonesia, including Reading Post libraries
* Help the libraries provide scholarships for local teachers to attend the TESOL teacher-training workshops
* Explore the possibility of providing corporate sponsorship of individual libraries

Southern Kalimantan – Borneo

* Living Waters Water Project – harvesting (build water tanks) and wastewater treatment (build septic tanks) in villages to reduce deaths caused by waterborne diseases.

Surabaya – urban

* Literacy, education and small business development

Timor – rural

* Literacy, education and teacher training



* Living Waters project : Humanitarian aid to homeless
* Shelter/accommodation for  homeless, especially homeless children.

Canary Islands

* Humanitarian aid, shelter and education to woman as risk

United States

Phoenix, Arizona

* Refugee Assistance
* ESL Classes for Refugees to learn English for further education, jobs, and citizenship.