Our Mission

To provide aid and relief assistance through projects of community development and education to those in need both nationally and internationally through collaboration with local communities to empower self-sustainability.

Our Vision

To make a difference in the lives of people in need by extending a helping hand to those who are reaching out for help.

Program added in 2020

Democratic Republic of the Congo

    • Education and Skills training in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire)

Global Programs

Eastern Europe

Humanitarian aid to homeless
Shelter/accommodation for  homeless, especially homeless children.


Humanitarian aid, shelter and education to woman at risk.


Southern Kalimantan – Borneo

Harvesting (build water tanks) and wastewater treatment (build septic tanks) in villages to reduce deaths caused by waterborne diseases.

Multiple Islands

Teacher-training courses for Indonesian teachers who teach English
Cinta Baca Library
Literacy, education and small business development
Literacy, education and teacher training

Global HelpNet is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization and donations may be tax deductible for United States tax reporting.